Dizziness and balance difficulties

The middle ear is a frequent source of vertigo.  In this structure there are tiny fluid filled tubes called semi-circular canals, and inside these tubes are little hairs that sway in the fluid when the head moves around and they give the conscious brain this information to create a sense of position.  Small amounts of debris (canalith) can accumulate in areas that cause inappropriate stimulation of the hair cells and this is what causes the condition called benign positional paroxysmal vertigo (BPPV).

BPPV can sometimes benefit from a treatment called a canalith repositioning manoeuvre.  The most well known one, and easiest to administer is called the Epley manoeuvre.  A simple body positioning test is done, and the treatment is  quick and easy to administer.    

Some types of neck pain can result in vertigo as part of the neck pain experience.  The causes of this are unclear and the condition is therefore atypical, so careful exclusion of all other causes of vertigo in essential before just treatment of the neck is undertaken for the treatment of vertigo.

The causes of other types of vertigo can be very serious and may even be life threatening, so this is a symptom that is best considered by a medical doctor before taking it to the osteopath.