Toe Walking (equinus pedis)

Unusual walking on the balls of the feet

Walking on the ball of the foot or tip-toes is fairly common in children up to 3 years who are still learning to walk. Most children generally outgrow this and those who continue to do so past their toddler years frequently do it out of habit. This by itself, as long as your child is developing and growing normally, usually isn’t anything you need to be concerned about.

If toe walking is associated with a lack of coordination, balance or tightness of the leg muscles it is a good idea to have your child assessed by a health professional. This would include taking a thorough history of your child’s development from birth, testing joint ranges of motion, muscle power and gait analysis. Where possible, conservative treatments such as stretching, strengthening and orthotic/brace options are implemented. If necessary, referral to appropriate paediatric health practitioners will be made.