Fungal infection of the feet and nails

Also known as athletes foot, tinea pedis is a common fungal skin condition. Anyone can be affected by tinea but it is more commonly found in athletes. Certain environments, such as swimming pools, public showers, and change rooms, are prime for fungi to grow in. Sweaty feet that spend all day in shoes are also more likely to develop tinea.

Symptoms of tinea include, itchy, dry, splitting or flaking skin, blistering, inflammation and/or odour. If left untreated the fungal tinea could develop into a bacterial infection and spread to the toenails, known as fungal nail.

Generally over the counter anti fungal treatments, sprays or creams, are successful when combined with good foot hygiene. So it is important to keep feet dry by changing your socks daily, thoroughly drying after showering. Also, avoid walking barefoot in public wet areas such as swimming pools, and showers. The podiatrist will accurately diagnose and develop an appropriate treatment protocol for tinea.