Tarsal tunnel Syndrome

Compression of the nerve that passes through the ankle
causing pain and altered sensation in the foot

The small bones of the foot are called the tarsal bones, and at the inner edge of the ankle joint there is a nerve that passes under the ankle and under these bones. This region is known as the tarsal tunnel, and the nerve is the tibial nerve. This nerve is a branch of the sciatic nerve, so it is important to differentiate tarsal tunnel syndrome from sciatica.

Direct pressure or impact on the tarsal tunnel area and hyper-mobile lower limb joints can irritate or damage the nerve and cause symptoms, so it is important to have your footwear and orthotics assessed by the podiatrist if you are experiencing tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Increased running activity can also irritate the nerve via the biomechanics of the ankle / foot complex, so anyone increasing their running / exercise regime may be at risk, and again, podiatric assessment is prudent.