Plantar warts

Raised viral infections of the feet

Plantar warts are warts that appear anywhere on the feet. Plantar warts are caused by the same virus, human papilloma virus, that causes warts on other parts of the body. Anyone can have a wart but are more commonly found on the young and the elderly. A wart appears as a circular area or cluster of raised thickens skin. They normally do not hurt unless squeezed or they are in an area where pressure is applied. Generally you will also be able to see small black dots on the wart, this is dried blood.

Warts can go away on their own but this may take a long time, and depending on its location and pain you may seek treatment. If you do seek treatment, the podiatrist uses a scalpel to remove the overlying calloused skin, which is commonly found with warts. The podiatrist will then determine the most appropriate course of treatment. This may include salicylic acid, silver nitrate, or freezing (cryotherapy). You will be given post procedure instructions and will likely require at least 2 further treatments.

There are also many at home treatments that are available from your local chemist, your podiatrist can also discuss these options with you.