Patellar tendinitis

Pain at the front of the knee just below the knee cap

Pain in the tendon that joins the kneecap to the top of the tibia typically affects runners and jumpers. Poor mechanics and inadequate strength are usually the culprits. It is important to tackle this sort of problem early because if the factors causing it are present, they won’t just fix themselves – like patellofemoral pain syndrome, this problem just keeps niggling or getting worse. Pathological changes in the substance of the tendon progresses to a degenerate state that is very hard to rehabilitate if allowed to go this far. In the early stages, athletes often think it is not that bad because it can ‘come on’ after they start to exercise, but goes away after a while.

Rest is important, and during the rest period any mechanical issues can be addressed. Progressive, structured strengthening is then implemented, and graduated return to activity is allowed with careful monitoring.