In-toeing – ‘Pidgeon Toes’

Inwardly pointing feet when walking and standing

A predominantly paediatric condition, the toes appear to point towards the mid-line of the body rather than straight or slightly outward when walking or standing. Parents often report some degree of clumsiness or frequent tripping in children who walk in an in-toed fashion. In many cases, this issue resolves as the child develops, however, it occasionally continues into adulthood and impacts gait mechanics. It is useful to have a health professional assess the cause and degree of in-toeing as early as possible to improve the prognosis into the teenage years and adulthood.

In-toeing usually originates in one of three areas (hip/upper leg, lower leg and forefoot) – having your health professional properly identify the cause leads to guided treatment options and improved gait. In most cases, specific exercises, stretches, collaboration with other health professionals and footwear/orthotic options will ensure normal development. In some cases referral to a Specialist may be required.