Water safe resin casting and braces

Osteopaths who have done training in fracture casting (at this clinic – just Ryan Everitt) can apply a light weight resin cast for limb casting.  The upper limb can have a scaphoid cast, short arm cast, or long arm cast.  The lower limb can have a short leg cast or long leg cast.  However, we cannot prescribe the cast without a letter from the doctor saying which one is required.

Ryan does casting at the end of his shifts in the morning or afternoon, so be sure to specify this is what the appointment is for because the booking time and cost is different ($60 for the cast and $90 for the consultation).

Cast removal is also available on request, and the time frame for this is usually specified in the original doctor’s referral.  Once the cast is off, rehabilitation commences.  Strengthening and mobilisation strategies are implemented and a structured return to activity plan is followed where necessary.

The most common splint or brace is the ankle immobiliser or ‘moon boot’ for foot and ankle injuries.  We do not carry stock of these and need to order them in for the patient’s specific size. So be sure to mention when you call up if you require one so that we can tell you the cost and get one delivered.