Diabetes Foot Health

Podiatric assessment and care

Diabetes will often affect the feet first. Therefore if you have diabetes it is important that you have a yearly assessment of your feet with the podiatrist. In this assessment we review:

Blood circulation- the blood flow to your feet.
Nerve response – the sensation and feeling in your feet.
Foot shape
Nail condition – shape and thickness of nails
Skin condition – dryness, infections, callous
Footwear – what are you wearing and should it change?

Having diabetes can increase your risk of developing foot complications. Typically, these complications are as a result of neuropathy (nerve damage) or poor blood circulation. So if you have diabetes let us monitor your feet and any little problem that you may have to reduce the risk of that little problem developing into a larger problem such as an infection or ulceration. Much more substantial problems can ensue when ulcerations develop so it is essential that they are identified as soon as possible.